Life insurance can be a complicated process. 

That's where we can help! Our quote engine compares 175 different life insurance companies to help you find the lowest rates, but the real value we bring is our experience. For over 25 years, we have assisted thousands of individuals and business owners with their life and health insurance needs.

You see, the life and health insurance industry is not like the travel industry. There are no shortcuts for discounted rates, rates you pay with an agent are the same as you would pay direct, but an experienced broker can make all the difference!  

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Our Easy 3-Step Process

Step 1: Tell us how much coverage you would like, how long you would like to keep it, and a little about your current health. Once we have your info, we'll show you a comparison of the top 6 companies with various rate guarantees.

Step 2: Once you have had a chance to compare the rates, we'll review your options and recommend which company is best for you based on your health, insurance company ratings while keeping in mind the amount of coverage you want, how long you want to keep it, and the price.

Step 3: We'll help you with your application and get it submitted for approval. It costs nothing to apply and you are not required to make any payments until your policy is approved!

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Do You Provide Other Types of Life Insurance Policies?

Yes, I'm glad you asked!

We provide all types of life insurance including whole life, universal life, variable life as well as the new indexed universal life insurance.

There are many benefits to what we call "permanent life insurance policies". Some of the benefits include:

  • Cash Accumulation inside policy. 
  • Tax Deferred Growth on savings.
  • Tax FREE death benefit to beneficiaries.
  • Loan Priviliges.
  • Supplement your retirement needs.
  • Avoids Probate: Death benefit goes direct to beneficiaries.
  • Provides asset protection in some states.

For all your life insurance needs. 

  • Income replacement 
  • Buy/Sell Agreements 
  • Business Loans & Mortgages 
  • Estate Planning Pension Plans 
  • Retirement Planning  

In life insurance, it's better 5 years too eary then 5 minutes too late! 

Please do not procrastinate! Get Started Now!

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